Dance, Dance, Dance is Going Over the Pond to Blackpool, England!

Dance, Dance, Dance owner Mary Thomas and fellow professional dancers Ekaterina Derevleva and Aleksei Alekseev will be attending the May Blackpool Dance Festival, held in Blackpool, England this month! This years festival will be the 94th year of the event. The Blackpool festival is known as the worlds first and foremost organized dance festival. Running for two weeks, the competition will include professionals and amateurs from all over the world. Known for using country-neutral professional judges, Blackpool is located on the world renowned Irish Coast of England. The competition will be held in the landmark Blackpool Tower. The Blackpool Tower was erected in 1894 and still houses a circus, glass viewing platform and the Blackpool Ballroom- where the festival takes place. We wish Mary, Ekaterina and Aleksei the best of luck and a great time across the pond in England!


For more information on the History of the Blackpool Dance Festival click HERE!


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