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Mobile messaging application Kik is showing a lot of potential for marketers that are trying to reach a younger demographic with creative, engaging material that goes beyond the banner ad. Kik is similar to BlackBerry Messenger and iChat and uses a phone? Marketers can leverage the app by creating Kik Cards or offering in-message stickers for users. There certainly is some ficiant potential for marketers in messaging platforms like Kik,? Not only have some of these platforms built a considerable audience, M users in Kik?

So Kik certainly has an audience that markets would like to reach.

Ads on kik

The key is to look at Kik? If a ificant portion of Kik? Because Kik has the card platform and the embedded browser, it? Easy conversion One of the benefits with advertising on Kik is that the app has a built-in browser so brands? Web sites are already on Kik. They can then build ads on kik their existing mobile Web investment as opposed to starting from scratch. Using Kik's browser, users can instantly share both the brands' Web sites and the content from those sites,?

Sharing between users happens with one click - and when someone receives content, they can open and enjoy it with one click as well, without ever leaving Kik. Through Kik's messenger and built-in browser, brands have an opportunity to engage ads on kik a one-to-one or one-to-few conversation with their audience, and to be part of the conversation between their users as well,?

And by leveraging Kik, brands can be in their users' pockets at the right time, in the right place.? According to Ms. Galt, Kik has more than million users globally andnew users every day, so this platform will a large audience for brands. Additionally, Kik users tend to share content from the app on other social platforms as well, expanding the reach of any advertising efforts. The good news about Kik is that the? The Web app environment also makes any content and functionality far more accessible and portable, which means marketers could create test-and-learn experiences with relatively small investments,?

Beyond banner Marketers and consumers alike are realizing that the death of the mobile banner ad may be imminent, and Kik provide a new and unique way to go beyond the banner. The mobile can deliver content such as photos, music, videos and games. Kik Cards also connect fans to other users that have the card. Brands are looking for ways to be authentic, and create rich experiences in mobile instead of just purchasing banner ,? Kik's Ms. Galt said.

Many brands are also looking for ways to really engage their users when that content is timely and relevant. With Kik, it's less about?

Ads on kik

She said. We've seen lots of brands, content providers and even gaming companies drive high engagement through a combination of good, shareable content and highly interactive experiences.? Kik-worthy brands A few brands have already acted on the opportunity in Kik.

Reddit, for one, simply links to their site via a Kik Card. Ads on kik FlavorSplash got a little more creative and launched a sticker pack on Kik that is free for fans to access and insert in messages. Sony Music and One Direction launched the first marketing campaign on Kik to reach 1D fans and promote the band? Fans could access exclusive content via the 1D Kik Card see story. Brands such as One Direction that are mainly trying to reach teenagers can benefit from Kik?

Marketers need to evaluate Kik? Marketers with great content and a young, mobile savvy audience need to be testing, as a minimum, on Kik now,? One reason teens might prefer Kik to other messaging apps like WhatsApp is that it doesn't require a phone to be exchange, just a username,? That way, teens feel more comfortable adding others and have the ability to use it on iPod Touches.

Ads on kik

Marketers will continue to follow teens as they adopt the latest, greatest communication platforms.? Topics covered: social media, mobile, advertising, marketing tech, content marketing, and more. Search x. Some information, such as publication dates, may not have migrated over. Check out the new Marketing Dive site for the latest marketing news. Kik offers engaging outlets for connecting with teens.

Ads on kik

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Ads on kik

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