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Peanut is a college student from the Phone Update. She is unlocked as a Phone Fling with Elle at Frenemy level. After texting the wrong and asking about notes from her PHYS class, which you don't have, you ask her crush crush naked a "saucy" picture which she sends you from the study hall she's studying in. From her texts she seems to be a very shy person that's eager to get some 'action'.

Peanut was chosen as the winner of Vote-a-Fling Season 1 and is the first Phone Fling girl to be turned into a fully Date-able girl. To unlock her as a full girl, you have to complete all 3 of her conversations with you. She is the thirty-first girl in the game's main tab, but she is not part of the main story and you do not need to unlock any other girls to obtain her. You first meet Peanut in person at a cafe and end up destroying her self-confidence after stopping a criminal from robbing people.

Being a college student, Peanut cares about her classes, specifically Physics. She is an introverted and shy person, but after texting you, she begins to open up. She reveals that you're the first person she's been out on a date with, and falls in love with you soon after. After you finish Peanut's first conversation, Ms. You need to talk to Ms. If you get Ms.

There are no pictures in the second conversation, but it's also fairly short.

Crush crush naked

After the crush crush naked conversation, there is a 4 day 4 hour pause before you can start the third conversation. At the end of the third conversation, there is another 4 day pause. Once that is over, you need to go back to Peanut's phone fling crush crush naked one last message, which unlocks her in the dateable cast. Note that pauses under 30 minutes long are not indicated.

Where the progress column says A or Bthese are your left and right options for how to respond. A wrong text. But with you being Youit quickly becomes rather flirtatious. This conversation further develops Peanut's character, but does not contain any new pictures. After the second conversation with Peanut complete, a 4 day, 4 hour timer starts for Peanut's third conversation. This conversation sets up your meeting Peanut in person. Peanut drunk-texts you at the end of the semester. She's been thinking about you a lot. Will she summon the courage to ask you out?

She's thirsty for you. After the last 4 day pause, Peanut lets you know she's available as the 31st girl on the Girls tab. Crush Crush Wikia Explore. Characters Girls Guys Cats? You Crab Pigeon Lil Quill. Admins JerenSoon Eaves Fern inactive. Official Links. Community Official Links Back. Extra Community Official Links Back. Explore Wikis Community Central.

Register Don't have an ? Edit source History Talk 0. Is this the part where you pretend you don't recognize me so I start panicking? Here one sec. A picture should jog your memory. Screw it. Since it seems a little thirsty. The original glitch that had Peanut as a placeholder asset.

Cancel Save. Fan Feed 0 Girls 1 Guys 2 Esper. Universal Conquest Wiki. I need a favor! Can you send me the notes from today's PHYS ? I'll reward you with cupcakes! Hardy har. Well, I don't know about that.

Crush crush naked

There, see? There's lonely me in the study hall. Ready to study. Hopefully your notes. You're crazy-pretty! Now I wish I actually was in your class. Can I up? Is Physics hard? Now I wish I had your notes. Sad to say though, it looks like someone gave you a wrong.

You never think it's gonna happen to you. Try not to come across like a crazy person Maybe THEY got it wrong. 's probably off by 1. Just try every until you find theirs. Hey, if the guy got his wrong, he's probably bad at physics. Probably dodged a bullet here. Girl, with those curves, I'd let you stab me just for the chance to graze your tit with my elbow. Well, at least I got a wrong with someone funny and charming on the other end.

I really needed those notes. I'm going crush crush naked snap a hair elastic at Mr. Faux- next class. That'll show him. Mwa ha ha! That's me! Miss Violence! Actually, I get light headed when I raise my voice.

Crush crush naked

But it's the thought that counts! Thanks for making me feel better. I think you've rescued me from a night of soothing my feelings with cupcakes from my cousin 's bakery. Okay well, this study session is officially a bust. And the next transit bus is like an hour away. Feel like chatting with a complete stranger for a while longer? Well, speaking of bust How about a dare? Send me a saucy pic without getting caught. Took me a while to notice your incredibly nice boobs. I got lost in your eyes for a sec there. Now I'm giggling and blushing like an idiot in study hall.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy! Gosh, I can't believe I just sent that pic. I must be in shock or something. I actually did a stupid "college" thing for once hahaha! I do have to ask - are you always this nice to wrong s? I feel so silly flirting crush crush naked someone I've never even met.

Well, I'm glad I got a little "crazy" today. As you can probably guess, I'm not exactly the "life of the party". Up at the dorms, there's always some party going on. And I'm always hiding from them under blankets and Netflix. Well - let's just say that if three people having sex is a "threesome", you could definitely call me "handsome". I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but this is the most 'action' I've gotten in a while. There are so many pretty girls up at campus.

I feel invisible most of the time.

Crush crush naked

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