Dirty snaps tumblr

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Masterlist: Pick your poison. Kim Namjoon. Originally posted by twoy. Sensual music. Soft loving. A game. Kim Seokjin. Originally posted by parkjimni. Drunk Seokjin. Eatjin: Caramel dessert. Eatjin: Sushi Dinner. Eatjin: Fruit Delight. Min Yoongi. Originally posted by dreamyoongi. Thigh riding. This belongs to me. Phones ex. Hidden camera. Jung Hoseok. Originally posted by hope-film. Check up. Hot makeout session. Fleshly shaven. Park Jimin. Originally posted by sugawithluv. Calico cat. Sweet morning se x. Too slow. Strip for me. Kim Taehyung. Originally posted by taegis.

Playful sex with Taehyung. Singularity fake lyrics. Art theft. Power Bottom. Lovely fingers. Jeon Jungkook.

Dirty snaps tumblr

Originally posted by jeonjunggguk. Lusting for you. More than one. Sexual tension.

Collared pet. Pillow Sex. Cock warming. Pillow lover. Dessert party. Being a pet. Being the hyungline pet. Being the maknaeline pet. Your owner missing you hyugline. Your owner missing you maknaeline. Hyungline punishment. Maknaeline punishment. Jimin: Kinky slut. Jimin: Princess. Some dirty snaps tumblr my personal favorites. Their kinks.

Lovely pictures of them. Bts weird kinks. Chubby subs. We like the same thing? on the door. How dare they. What are you looking at? Let him speak. What they love about chubby subs. Jungkook why do you chubby subs. Originally posted by softjeon. Description: Jin is the most vanilla out of the hyung line, but his still a dom nonetheless.

Whenever the two of you are in the kitchen alone is when he loves to indulge in his kink. He loves decorating your body with desserts and ice cream toppings, then slowly licking them off your body. His two favorite things to do is to was to fuck you with freshly washed vegetables, then cutting them up for the other three to eat them.

You and jin were in the kitchen together, you were washing the few dishes that were left in the sink. Jin was thoroughly washing a few carrots, cucumbers, an eggplant and a daikon, then dried them off cutting off any leaves or little growths on the vegetables. Your breathing got a little heavier knowing what he was gonna do with them. When jin finished he walked behind you, as you put the cleaned dishes away in a cabinet. He gently bent you over the counter, looking down at your slightly damp panties.

He sat down on the floor behind you sliding your panties down, then he gently started sliding the tip of the carrot up against your pussy slowly making you wetter and wetter. The carrot was thrust deep inside your pussy making you moan out, jin started thrusting dirty snaps tumblr carrot in and out of your pussy. When you got close to your climax jin slid the carrot out, when your climax subsided Jin slid the cucumber deep inside dirty snaps tumblr pussy. Jin kept thrusting different vegetables inside your pussy waiting until you were close to cumming sliding it out and putting a new one in.

You were a moaning mess as jin relentlessly thrust the daikon in and out of your pussy. Jin thrust the daikon faster and rougher, until you came all over the daikon. He slowly slid the daikon out of your pussy, gathering the vegetables and got up cutting the vegetables before making a salad with them. Originally posted by holy-jinsus.

When they were gone on tour Namjoon would always love asking you to finger yourself over Skype for him. After you came a few times he would lose all self-control, and start fucking you relentlessly in the mattress not letting up until he was finished. You started up Skype and called Namjoon like he told you to do, when he answered you could see how tired and stressed he was.

You blushed a little and looked at him. You submissively did as you were told, grabbed your laptop and putting it on the table by near your door. You back over to your bed sliding off your nightshirt, then you unclipped your bra throwing it on the floor finally you slipped off your panties kicking them to the slid.

You laid down on your bed for a few moments before slowly started to rub your pussy, your pussy slowly started getting wet as you rub it. When you were wet enough you slid your fingers inside your pussy, your fingers slowly thrust in and out of your pussy. After a minute your fingers started thrusting faster inside your pussy, as you forgot all about namjoon watching you.

Namjoon watched every second of it admiring it like it was a new painting he has never seen before. He started stroking his cock when you closed your eyes in pleasure, your other hand slid between your thighs and slowly started rubbing your clit. Namjoon started thrusting into his hand as he felt himself getting closer to cumming. You let out a loud moan as you came, then your legs closed up together as you laid on your side breathing heavily. Namjoon bit his lip as he got closer to his own climax, he came on the floor then leaned up back against his chair watching you as you breathe heavily.

Originally posted by hobies. But he knew you had a kink for that kind of stuff. Whenever both of you were in public spaces, he would love rubbing your pussy through your panties and watching trying to keep yourself from moaning. You were in the van with the rest of the members, hoseok was sitting next to you holding your inner thigh under your skirt.

His hand slowly slid up your thigh, his fingertips slowly started rubbing up against your panties. You grabbed his hand trying to stop him, hoseok smirked then grabbed your hand taking it off his. Hoseok hand slid inside your panties, slowly rubbing your pussy as taehyung readjust himself next to you.

You bit your bottom lip as hoseok started rubbing your clit, you started breathing heavily as his fingers rubbed your clit faster. You nearly moan as hoseok slid his fingers inside your pussy finding your g-spot. Taehyung kept showing you pictures of tan, as hoseok thrust his fingers up against your gspot faster.

You closed your eyes as you slowly got closer and closer to cumming. Why are your eyes closed. Taehyung looked at his phone again, as your thighs closed together as you bit your lip and your eyes started rolling behind your head as you came on all over his fingers.

Hoseok slowly slid his fingers out of your pussy ,then dirty snaps tumblr slid his fingers inside his mouth cleaning them off. Originally posted by breadgenie. But afterward, he cuddles with you, and lightly kisses your body. You submissively opened your mouth and slid his cock inside your mouth, yoongi started thrusting his cock inside your mouth. You looked up at yoongi as he looked down at you, thrusting his cock faster and rougher inside your mouth.

He stopped thrusting as you slowly started sucking his cock, your tongue started swirling around his cock making him lean his head back in pleasure. When precum started coming out of the tip of his cock, pulled your mouth off his cock.

Dirty snaps tumblr

You slowly stood up, as yoongi released your hair, you bent yourself over his dresser as he looked down at your pussy.

Dirty snaps tumblr

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