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A few weeks ago I visited a sex worker and it was by far the most enjoyable moment of my life. Someone suggested I make a post about it and I thought it was definitely a good idea to make a review about my experience. I do know that some people here would never pay for any kind of intimacy with a girl which is completely fair, but I assume that there are also guys like me who see nothing wrong with it and wouldn't mind doing it as a one-time thing for example hence this post.

Anyway, it wasn't my first time paying for intimacy as I had already seen an escort prior to reddit gfe. It was a decent experience, but nothing more and definitely not something I would recommend.

Reddit gfe

In general, I think that going from never touching a girl in your life to getting naked with a woman you don't know and jumping straight up to sex isn't going to be a very good experience for most guys. So the second time, I looked for an escort that provided GFE reddit gfe. This time I wasn't looking for reddit gfe, just basic physical touch and skin to skin contact.

I wanted to cuddle with a girl, snuggle, hold hands while maintaining eye contact, caress her, stroke her hair, having her head rest on me and vice versa. Amazingly, there are hundred of women who provide that kind of services where I live and the one I saw definitely delivered. I picked her because her website was well done and because she seemed to offer what I was looking for.

There wasn't any photo of her face on her website so I definitely lucked out as she was absolutely beautiful. I contacted her using this post as a model. Setting up an appointment with her was very easy and I only briefly mentioned how I would like to spend my time with her to which she told me that she was completely fine with it. Seeing her was a bit more complicated as she cancelled our first appointment because of an emergency, but we did reschedule a few days later and I got to see her this time.

The actual experience was incredible and simply thinking about it makes me a bit nostalgic. I got to experience everything I wanted and I felt comfortable the whole time. Looking back at it, I obviously know that the only reason she spent time with me was because she was getting paid, but while it was happening this wasn't a concern at all. I was too busy enjoying the moment and all those new sensations that I was experiencing. The only slightly awkward moments where at the start before we moved to her bed and at the end when she ended the reddit gfe.

The former because I'm always a bit embarrassed when I meet someone for the first time and the latter because it was an abrupt return to reality. Other than that it was simply perfect and after the first few minutes it felt very natural for me to take the lead about what I wanted to do.

We even got to talk a bit while snuggling which was great. As for the practical: I was naked and she only kept her underwear.

Reddit gfe

I only got an erection at the start. My favorite moment was when I rested my head on her chest while she gently stroked my hair, I stayed like that for probably close to ten minutes. I wasn't disappointed at all that it didn't get sexual as it wasn't what I was looking for. Overall I have zero regrets although the next few days were quite hard mentally as I was back to reality and now fully realizing what I'm missing on a daily basis.

I assume it's similar to what people in prison for a long time feel reddit gfe when they get a one-day temporary release where they experience being free again for a few hours and then they are back to jail. For this reason, I wouldn't recommend the experience to everyone. As I said, it's expensive and hits you hard once it's over so I would reddit gfe recommend it to people who can afford it and are ready to face the afterwards. It may have been the best sixty minutes of my life, but it certainly didn't change my situation or how I feel in general about being alive. Still, it was a nice sunshine in an otherwise shitty life and I would have no problem about doing it again in the future.

Not before a while though, as it's not something I could afford more than one or two times a year. If you have any question about my experience, I'll be happy to answer them too. Way too expensive for me. I'd rather keep my money and of myself. Well, as an FA, nothing material will really make me happy in most cases.

Prostitution is actually illegal where I live well to be exact it's called "neo-abolitionism" which basically means it's legal to sell sex, but illegal to buy sex or have third party involvement reddit gfe, but in general I feel like it's almost impossible to get in legal trouble for seeing an escort as it's impossible for the authority to prove that you were paying for sex and not just to spend time with someone unless they catch you during the act obviously.

I could be wrong about this though and it may be risky to hire a sex worker depending where you live so I would definitely recommend anyone looking to do that to proceed with caution. I would feel super uncomfortable knowing the only reason she is doing it is money. Now if you go in with a GFE and go all the way to sexual stuff I can see the point, but just like cuddling Well what would you suggest if some of us would like someone to cuddle with? There aren't really much other options for FAs. Sounds like something I may eventually do if I feel too lonely damn.

That really hits hard. I can see myself paying for this in a near future. Thank for speaking about how the experience is and now I feel more confident about doing so. Just because it's not for you, doesn't mean it isn't for everyone.

Reddit gfe

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Ah, Europe. Where you can at least purchase temporary bliss. Idk man, good for you that you liked it. Definitely going to be paying for this. It sounds great. More posts from the ForeverAlone community. A subreddit for Forever Alone. Created Sep 15, Top posts december 10th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top.

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