Sissy slave

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As proper nouns the difference between sissy and slave is that sissy is while slave is. What's the difference between and. Sissy vs Slave - What's the difference? Noun sissies pejorative, colloquial An effeminate boy or man. BDSM A male crossdresser who adopts feminine behaviours.

Sissy slave

Adjective er pejorative. But Richard might think they were flowers. Etymology 2 Likely onomatopoetic, perhaps related to etyl. Compare piss; wee-wee. Noun - childish, colloquial Urination; urine. Verb en-verb childish, colloquial To urinate. Noun en noun A person who is the property of another person and whose labor and also whose life often is subject to the owner's volition. A person who is legally obliged by prior contract oral or written to work for another, with contractually limited rights to bargain; an indentured servant. One who has lost the power of resistance; one who surrenders to something.

Sissy slave

An abject person; a wretch. Much Ado About Nothing. Verb slav To work hard. I was slaving all day over a hot stove. To enslave. Marston To place a device under the control of another.

Sissy slave Sissy slave

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