Sluttiest names

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Anyone who sleeps around constantly can be considered as slutty. If you read the question title you'll notice that I specified "person" not "women". I only know girl names that I associate as slutty because I'm interested in women. I have sluttiest names interest in men so I have no idea what the common names for manwhores might be because I don't patly attention to other guys' sex life. Also, trying to be politically correct all the time and making pretend that there's no slutty people is plain idiotic.

Slutty people exist, there's a reason there's a word for that type of behavior, it's because slutty people exist.

Sluttiest names

If slutty people didn't exist there wouldn't be a need for that word. Have a great day :! Kind Regards, Asshole. I always associate Anastasia with a sweet Russian beauty Fuck, that's one of my favourite female names too. A long time ago I heard that names ending phonetically as "eee" were weirdly indicative of sluts: Nikki, Ashley, Tiffany haha. See Nikki sounds like a slutty name and whenever I meet a Nikki I make assumptions but they always turn out sweet sluttiest names every nikki I've met has like, looked a little sultry but their personalities don't maych their appearance.

For me it's Maddy, the slutiest girls always seem to be named Maddy for some reason. Share Facebook. What name do you associate with a slutty person? Add Opinion. Sluthater Xper 5.

Sluttiest names

Thats funny. My daughter had a friend named Maddie who she stopped hanging around because she was such a slut. This isn't related but, I'm a teacher and had this girl with ADD. Was bouncing off walls continuously. Her name? Xper 5.

I once knew a girl named Anna and she was such a slut guys gave her the nick name Anna Banana. She would go out with so many guys, she's even asked me out and I refused. I really only think about the people who think there is any decent reason to refer to sluttiest names as sluts.

I never remember their names though. They're just all called "asshole". I'd say Anastasia. Show All Show Less. Hahaha but that doesn't mean every Anastasia is slutty.

Sluttiest names

I'm only kidding, I'm sluttiest names actually mad lmao. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. BruceWang Xper 5. Destiny, Diamond, Desiree, basically everything with a D in it. We all know a slut named Lauren. Ashley is a big one too. JJHill Xper 3. Jessica, Gabrielle, Tiffany or anything named after a diamond or gem diamond, gem, crystal, emerald, sapphire, ruby, pearl, etc.

Sluttiest names Xper 5. And Jess. And jess is my name haha but I swear I'm a one partner person. It's just every other Jess I've met hasn't been. SarahI know a lot of girls name SarAh that are slutty. Alivia-Brown Xper 6. Yeah and it's funny bc those are all name is slutty girls I know of. Ashley is one Lauren is another. But you can't judge a person by their name. For some reason oh and kate. For men it always seems to be Kyle. Xper 6. JustRollTheDice 1. JustinTheGreat 2. Girls: Gionna Guys: anything that starts with a J.

I don't associate a name with Slut Can't think of any name in particular. Tryce Xper 5. Calixx 88 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. The maddi I know is not slutty :. You're right, most of the Tiffany's I've met were slutty haha. TheFlak38 3.

Monva opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Charlerpi68 Xper 5. Xper 7. Nah I've had bad experiences with a girl named Nikki. Whatthefluff 1. Flo-Rida95 Xper 1. Nahid Guru. Related myTakes.

Sluttiest names

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Sluttiest names

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