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I was recently sitting around a table at work with two colleagues, when a young student looked over at us and said:. He was a little out; our combined age is currentlybut still… Naturally, we smiled and swiftly changed the subject. This incident got me thinking about age and how different life would have been, had I been able to transition when I was young. Of course growing up in the s, this would not have been possible. Today, despite the struggles to improve healthcare for young trans people, there is at least a level of awareness that means they are able to address their situation, talk about it and with a lot of understanding and help, live authentically.

Translady boy forum

The struggles faced by younger people are entirely different to those faced by those translady boy forum transition later in life. As a grown up, I am free to choose my own path, it is generally accepted that I know my own mind and that if I say I am trans, then I am. So does that mean we have an easier ride? Transitioning in older age is far from easy; from the baggage that comes with a life already half-lived, to navigating existing relationships. Sadly, I see too many relationships fail when a long-term partner comes out as trans. I am lucky, I am married to a woman who sees me for who I am deep down and not my outward appearance.

Despite my happy situation I am in the minority. I shudder at the thought of some of my older friends who now find themselves back in the dating game and dealing with transition at the same time — double whammy. I love seeing before and after transition photos of the young. Seeing an unhappy teen transform into a radiant man or woman is truly inspirational. I recently saw a video of a man going out topless for the first time at the park, after top surgery.

Translady boy forum

He was so happy I almost cried for him. Sadly, reality for the older body is somewhat different. No amount of hormones or exercise will ever get my body into the shape I translady boy forum always dreamed have always of. But I guess that has nothing to do with transitioning and everything to do with gravity and the ravages of time! I try and keep track of how I am translady boy forum and how it relates to my hormone levels. Usually though, at some point I burst into tears and eat cake or my favourite chocolate-covered coffee beans.

One of the biggest hurdles facing the older transitioner is one of style. When you are young there is an expectation that you will try out clothing, make-up, and hair and that you will have some failures. Just think back to what you wore as a teenager — e. Bay City Rollers look it up if you are not of my generation. When you are older, however, there is an expectation to have the right look straight out of the box. Well of course this does not happen.

My makeup which started off like Polyfilla has gradually reduced to what I hope is a more subtle look. Another win for youth. As for hair removal, I shave, epilate and IPL and still some of it is there. Next step is electrolysis if I can find the time. The problem was that when I grew up I had no idea what a trans person really was, all I knew was that I was different. Times have thankfully moved on. Going through puberty for the second time is no fun at all. I never had acne and never got a lot of body hair. But this time, I think I am being made to suffer unnecessarily — which does give me some sympathy for those approaching puberty for the first time a win for the oldies!

With all these roadblocks one may wonder why any of us older transitioners bother.

Translady boy forum

We got this far…. I can only say why I continue to transition. I am and always have been me, Samantha Jane, the woman in the picture. Sammi Smith, is a scientist and GenderGP community member. Samanth Jane, what a truly moving story. What you have written is a remarkably accurate representation of my own life journey, only I never seem to be able to bring my thoughts into words. So thank you for sharing your experiences. Thank you. My husband has decided to transition at 57 yr. Mary I am very sorry to read what you had to say that is going on with your husband and how is is treating you and your son.

It is very unfortunate you are going through what you are going through. It speaks volumes to the person verses their gender preference. Translady boy forum think you are much better off without your husband regardless of their gender preference. No one should treat their spouse like you are being treated. I wish you and your son the best. Take care Chrissie chrissietg yahoo.

At this point in time I feel that its not about any one else expect ME. Dear Samantha Jane, Thank you for writing this article. I have discussed for decades, the concept of taking my life back and wondered is the woman in me an impostor or is the man in me an impostor? That is the main reason why I believe I need to transition now, not necessarily hormonally or surgically but definitely with regard to how I present everyday.

I have a beautiful partner who would dearly love to support me as the woman I am but says she is unable to do so, as my partner. I respect that very much but I also regret the reality that I will need to live on my own again. That I believe, will be a lot more difficult than transitioning for me, as I am a much more dependent person than I had led myself to believe. I am much more of an introvert than the extrovert character I have built on the outside to hide my real self. Any advice or help you could give me with regard to transitioning would be most helpful.

She finally told translady boy forum to go ahead and do it. Its hard and times very confusing! My wife of 42 years died last June. Im growing my hair out on prupose. When i was very young i wanted to look pretty and play with dolls and ware dresses. But no…. Likewise I cane out at age 43 in Jan been a girl since I was 9. Did things society expected a man to do all that time. Now on wait list for wpath letter to get in another waiting list to wait again and again. Actually excited. Been a long time coming. But with age I answer to nobody but myself. Naysayers can kissy ass! You may have had to wait a long time, Samantha, but you are a very attractive woman now.

I firmly believe some people are more attractive as an older person than they were at a younger age.

Translady boy forum

Looking at you, I think that you are absolutely in your prime NOW. I am 69 and I transitioned 8 years ago. I constantly feel pangs of if only I had had the proper treatments before puberty. It does look like children who are trans are in with a very good chance of a happy future. Thanks to all the positive support and actual help available to us today.

I so identity with your story! We are in the same age group and very similar experiences. Thank you your openness and outlook is refreshing- it also gives me hope in my journey. Thank you so much. Lovely to hear your story, I am now 66 and started transitioning 4 years ago. My wife is still living with me in a platonic arrangement.

Translady boy forum

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